The Corona Virus COVID-19 Is Affecting 210 Countries

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 210 countries and territories around the world. Nobody was prepared for that kind of emergency in all over the world. Till 21st April 2020, Approximately 177459 people have been died just because of this Corona Virus COVID-19. This Corona Virus COVID-19 has stopped almost everything in the world. Sports, marriages, clubs, mosques, in short, every entertainment activity and the all huge business in the world. Just related to health, medical, and food departments are working in the world.

You can check the latest Updates about the Coronavirus COVID-19 here

It was just PSL 2020 that has been playing in the cricket world in Pakistan but Virus COVID-19 reached there and the semi-finals including the final postponed because of the safety of the abroad and local players and the upcoming traveling problems. Now the cricket world is completely stopped and all cricket events have canceled. Now everybody desperately waiting and hoping for the good news of any type in the world.

Also, a lot of talk is already going between all country’s cricket boards about the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2020.

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