India vs England 4th Test Day 4 Highlights – Sep 2, 2018

England lead by 233 runs with 2 wickets remaining till the end of the day three. AN Cook scored 12 runs off 39 deliveries and out, KK Jennings contributed 36 runs, when his wicket dismissed then it was (31.5 pitched up, this nips in to hit the back pad – given! Jennings looks ruefully to his captain, then decides to review, but I don’t think this is going to save him… Yep, that’s plumb, Hawk-Eye projecting the ball would have crashed into leg stump! It stayed a touch low, which might encourage England’s bowlers when it comes to the fourth innings but will be no consolation for Jennings. What a moment to strike! 92/3).

MM Ali has gone with just nine runs, Captain of the team JE Root scored 48 runs, with the help of six boundaries, when his wicket dismissed then it was (45.6 tapped to the leg side, Stokes calls him through… and there’s a direct hit at the striker’s end! Has Root been run out here?! He doesn’t look happy, but he waits for the third umpire, who confirms the dismissal! That’s a shoddy way to go, though well played Mohammed Shami, who was quick to move from mid-on and fired in a direct hit! Looks like Root hesitated and Shami picked the right end to throw to. England’s captain stalks from the field, and India have dragged the game back their way once again 122/5).

JM Bairstow gone with duck, BA Stokes 30, JC Buttler † 69, AU Rashid 11, SM Curran 37 not out. Mohammed Shami took three wickets, I Sharma two and, R Ashwin and JJ Bumrah took one wicket each of them.

4th Test, India tour of Ireland and England Highlights

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