England vs South Africa 2nd Test Day 4 Highlights July 17, 2017

Eng v SA highlights today – second test day four from Trent Bridge, Nottingham (England) Monday 17th July 2017. First test South Africa lost by big margin but this time their appearance in the ground is looking very different then first test. South Africa scored 335 runs in their first innings and 343 in their second innings with 9 down then they declared their innings after that at day three four overs were remaining of the day and England faced those overs with very patiently and scored single one.

England team
AN Cook, KK Jennings, GS Ballance, JE Root*, JM Bairstow†, BA Stokes, MM Ali, LA Dawson, SCJ Broad, MA Wood, JM Anderson.

South Africa team
D Elgar, HG Kuhn, HM Amla, F du Plessis*, T Bavuma, Q de Kock†, CH Morris, VD Philander, KA Maharaj, D Olivier, M Morkel.


South Africa 335 & 343/9d
England 205 & 133 44.2 overs
South Africa won by 340 runs

 South Africa 1st inningsRMB4s6sSR
D Elgarc Dawson b Anderson639191031.57
HG Kuhnb Broad34122877039.08
HM Amlac Wood b Broad7821314911152.34
Q de Kock†c Cook b Broad68103818083.95
F du Plessis*c †Bairstow b Stokes1955333057.57
T Bavumac †Bairstow b Stokes2042274074.07
VD Philanderc Dawson b Anderson54108819066.66
CH Morrisc & b Anderson36115835043.37
KA Maharajc Root b Anderson095000.00
M Morkelc †Bairstow b Anderson820122066.66
 D Oliviernot out061000.00
 Extras(lb 12)12     
 Total(all out; 96.2 overs)335(3.47 runs per over)

Fall of wickets 1-18 (Elgar, 8.6 ov), 2-66 (Kuhn, 27.4 ov), 3-179 (de Kock, 52.1 ov), 4-194 (Amla, 58.4 ov), 5-220 (du Plessis, 63.4 ov), 6-235 (Bavuma, 67.2 ov), 7-309 (Philander, 90.5 ov), 8-317 (Maharaj, 92.4 ov), 9-330 (Morris, 94.6 ov), 10-335 (Morkel, 96.2 ov)

JM Anderson23.267253.08113130
SCJ Broad2246432.9010290
 MA Wood1736103.5877110
BA Stokes1837724.2774140
 LA Dawson712603.713121
 MM Ali812102.623310
 KK Jennings10202.00500
 England 1st inningsRMB4s6sSR
AN Cookc †de Kock b Philander319160018.75
KK Jenningsc †de Kock b Morkel0209000.00
GS Ballanceb Philander2768375072.97
JE Root*c †de Kock b Morkel7811776120102.63
JM Bairstow†b Maharaj45106817055.55
BA Stokesc †de Kock b Maharaj03712000.00
MM Alic du Plessis b Morris1847292062.06
LA Dawsonc Amla b Maharaj1341252052.00
SCJ Broadlbw b Morris031000.00
MA Woodc du Plessis b Morris619191031.57
 JM Andersonnot out0146000.00
 Extras(b 4, lb 10, w 1)15     
 Total(all out; 51.5 overs)205(3.95 runs per over)

Fall of wickets 1-3 (Cook, 3.6 ov), 2-3 (Jennings, 4.1 ov), 3-86 (Ballance, 18.1 ov), 4-143 (Root, 29.1 ov), 5-168 (Stokes, 36.3 ov), 6-177 (Bairstow, 40.1 ov), 7-199 (Ali, 47.1 ov), 8-199 (Broad, 47.2 ov), 9-199 (Dawson, 48.2 ov), 10-205 (Wood, 51.5 ov)

M Morkel1324523.465970 
VD Philander1324823.695980 
CH Morris8.513834.303650 
 D Olivier703905.572760(1w)
KA Maharaj1012132.104830 
 South Africa 2nd inningsRMB4s6sSR
HG Kuhnc Root b Anderson827221036.36
D Elgarc Anderson b Stokes8019613612058.82
HM Amlalbw b Dawson8728918014148.33
Q de Kock†c †Bairstow b Anderson1540025.00
F du Plessis*lbw b Stokes631981289049.21
T Bavumac Root b Ali1535332045.45
VD Philanderc & b Ali42116753256.00
CH Morrisc Ballance b Ali1338232056.52
KA Maharajc Broad b Ali1880012.50
 M Morkelnot out17181530113.33
 Extras(b 8, lb 8)16     
 Total(9 wickets dec; 104 overs)343(3.29 runs per over)

Did not batD Olivier

Fall of wickets 1-18 (Kuhn, 6.2 ov), 2-153 (Elgar, 42.5 ov), 3-154 (de Kock, 43.3 ov), 4-216 (Amla, 68.6 ov), 5-253 (Bavuma, 79.5 ov), 6-275 (du Plessis, 90.3 ov), 7-304 (Morris, 97.6 ov), 8-307 (Maharaj, 99.5 ov), 9-343 (Philander, 103.6 ov)

JM Anderson2044522.259960
 SCJ Broad1946003.1587100
 MA Wood1856803.7779110
MM Ali1627844.8762102
BA Stokes2043421.709940
LA Dawson1114213.814651
 England 2nd innings (target: 474 runs)RB4s6sSR
AN Cookc †de Kock b Morris42766055.26
KK Jenningsb Philander3180016.66
GS Ballancelbw b Philander4151026.66
JE Root*b Morris8200040.00
JM Bairstow†c Morris b Maharaj16293055.17
BA Stokesc & b Philander18443040.90
MM Alic Kuhn b Maharaj27376072.97
 LA Dawsonnot out5130038.46
SCJ Broadc Morkel b Maharaj5121041.66
MA Woodc Morris b Olivier01000.00
JM Andersonc †de Kock b Olivier01000.00
 Extras(lb 5)5    
 Total(all out; 44.2 overs)133(3.00 runs per over)

Fall of wickets 1-4 (Jennings, 5.5 ov), 2-28 (Ballance, 11.5 ov), 3-55 (Root, 18.1 ov), 4-72 (Cook, 24.2 ov), 5-84 (Bairstow, 29.3 ov), 6-122 (Ali, 39.3 ov), 7-126 (Stokes, 40.3 ov), 8-133 (Broad, 43.5 ov), 9-133 (Wood, 44.1 ov), 10-133 (Anderson, 44.2 ov)

 M Morkel1343002.306640
VD Philander1032432.405130
D Olivier3.202527.501250
CH Morris63721.163210
KA Maharaj1224233.505270
Series – 4-match series level 1-1
Player of the match – VD Philander (South Africa)

Match Timings: 11:00 local time (10:00 GMT)

D Elgar scored 80, HM Amla 87, Q de Kock† had not performed good this time and gone with one, F du Plessis* 63, T Bavuma 15 and VD Philander 42, when his wicket dismissed then it was 97.6 has a big swing across the line, gets a hefty top edge and Ballance just about judges a solid catch running from short fine leg. For a moment there may have been some confusion between the fielders 304/7. Till end of the yesterday’s play England require another 473 runs with 10 wickets remaining.

South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.

South Africa tour of England, 2nd Test Highlights
Test no. 2264 | 2017 season
Played at Trent Bridge, Nottingham
14,15,16,17,18 July 2017 (5-day match)
Umpires – SD Fry and PR Reiffel
TV umpire – S Ravi
Match referee – JJ Crowe
Reserve umpire – AG Wharf